Glover Family | Adoption is the Best

Glover Family | Adoption is the Best

There is a lot of adoption in this family. And I love it so, so very much. When I first starting taking pictures I worked in maternity wards, photographing infants. I was the person who would knock on your door after giving birth and ask if you needed photos.

I met a lot of really great people that way, I learned a good bit of Spanish, and I held hundreds and hundreds of babies. But, the families that always stuck with me the most were the adoption families.

Adoption rooms felt different, I knew it, the second I walked in the door. There is a feeling in those rooms, this overwhelming feeling of love and sadness and joy. The first time I walked into one of these rooms, I was so drawn to the birth mother. She was looking at another woman, who was sitting across the room, holding this new baby. With a look on her face as though her heart were breaking. And somehow, at the same time, she looked at the woman, holding her child, with hope and gratitude and love. It was so strange to me at first.

I followed her eyes to the woman holding her child. This woman had tears in her eyes and was absolutely beaming. Beaming. She adored that baby, his name was Henry. And this woman loved him so much. Every person in that room only cared for that child.

I have never felt to much love for one child. It is heart wrenching on one hand and absolutely beautiful on the other. It is easy to love your own kids. You are kind of stuck with them. But, taking someone else’s child and loving them as your own, there are not many people who are willing to do that.

People look at me weird when I say that I love adoption. But, I do. I love adoption. Life happens and sometimes you find yourself in situations that are not the best for children, even if you love them. It is truly a blessing to me, that in those moments, there are people who are willing to pick up the slack and give children a place to call home.

Which is why I was thrilled when Kim asked me if I could photograph her family after her grandbabies were officially adopted. I actually moved my schedule around for it and took a session on a day I never take sessions. It is a big deal to bring two new little people into your home. But, these two kiddos are so lucky to have people who love them so much. And this family is completely smitten with them. I kid you not, I cried twice (I cry a lot).

These kids have found their forever home and it is with people who truly, truly love them. Adoption is one of my favorite things on the planet. It is hard and it can be messy, and it is a long process. But, I so admire the people who are willing to put in the work and take care of these children who need a home.

Congrats to the whole family. 😀

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