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Bradford Family | Monticello, UT Photographer Snow! This year, in San Juan County, there is basically no snow. I can’t get over. Where is the snow, people?! Last week I headed out with this family and they found about an inch of snow for us. That is all. That is all the snow that there […]

Baby Boy Brown | Southeast UT Photographer After three adorable little girls (see, look how cute these girls are) the Brown family is so excited to have a baby boy in their midst. They celebrated with a freaking awesome Star Wars Pendleton blanket as part of this photo shoot. It was freaking awesome. I mean, […]

Saunders Boys | San Juan County Photographer These boys. Oh my gosh, we had so much fun. They brought fun props, including a freakin’ pogo stick! It was highly entertaining. We had a good time. I ended up down by the reservoir with my mom a few days before their session and realized that it […]

Grandma Benally | Photographer in Blanding Photo shoot like this one always make me think about what our life really is. What are we doing? What are we accomplishing? What will we know? And who will remember us? I probably think about those kinds of a things a lot more than is normal. This woman […]

Billy | San Juan High School I love people who aren’t afraid to take pictures when it is cold and kind of looks dead outside. I secretly, like the look, I have no idea why. Anyway, this is Billy. He is graduating from San Juan High School this spring. We took to the mountains for […]