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On a mission?

Marquez | Whitehorse High School I have such awesome clients. I love it when they come to us for family photos and then back again for all their photos. I photographed Marquez and his family two autumn’s ago and it was so much fun. Then I got to photograph his little niece when she turned […]

Shania & Lamont | San Juan County Photographer I am not going to lead you on, I am going to talk about this adorable baby in this post. How much do you want to reach through your computer and pinch his little, chubby cheeks right now? I always wanted a fat baby. I want a […]

William | San Juan High School William grew up down the street from me. I live on the best street in town so it makes sense that some awesome families live there too. I remember when this guy was born and my whole ward was worried about him and praying for his family. And now, […]

Shania B. | Monticello High School I like that I can send Kim out on photo shoots for me. And I LOVE that I can do it knowing that she will bring me back incredible work. We have photographed three Shania’s in the last six months at Illuminated Moments. Things are getting crazy. But, I […]

Monica | USU Grad This girl is a riot! I am so happy that she let me take her pictures. To be 100% honest, I ran into Monica at Recapture this last summer, we were all out playing on the water. I had no idea who she was but, I was like, that girl is […]