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Crystal & Boys | Blanding, UT Photography This family! These boys are outdoors, houndsmen kind of guys, that do awesome things but, still like their mom. I love that. And I loved that they will take a day off of hunting just to take pictures with her. It gives me such hope for my own […]

Anderson Family | Blanding, UT Family Photographer When you a Blanding, UT photographer it means that you work with a lot of people that you have known your entire life. Blanding is small and wonderful that way. I adore these kids and their mother was one of my best friends on the entire planet. Growing […]

Baby Bailey | Baby Photographer This baby! Guys, guys, look how adorable this baby is. I have said it before and I will say it again, white babies are funny looking. They really are. There are so few beautiful white babies. Don’t tell my mom this but, my little brother looked like Smeagol¬†from Lord of […]

Racquel & Devon | Proposal Video This is Racquel. She is one of my most favorite friends and I am pretty sure my oldest friend that I still talk to a lot. We have been friends since the six grade, for anyone who is counting that is almost two decades. We are old, we are […]

Montgomery/Wolfe Family | Farmington, NM Photographer I have known this family since I was in the 6th grade, and they knew my dad when he was just a missionary. I love them. There are very few people I will drive to Farmington for but, I was happy to head out there for them. Racquel, is […]