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Bayles Kids | Glitter and Roses Every year or so my mother reminds me that I should probably take some time to photograph my own family. That, of course, includes my little siblings. This is Will and Tess, they are my longest siblings,  and the last ones at home. They are also my babysitters. I […]

Devynn | Class of 2017 I was so worried about getting Devynn’s announcements ready and ordered that I forgot to put up a post for her. And I was dying with the flu at one point in time, so my brain got a little rattled. But, this is Devynn guys. Devynn is beautiful, of course, […]

Mossiah | San Juan High School Kim is my gold star. She is taking amazing pictures of all of these seniors. She is standing on frozen reservoirs, she is climbing in cold lakes, she is coming up with new, creative, and gorgeous images every day. I am floored by her amazing talent. I am so […]

MeLisa & Jeff | San Juan Engagements These two make me so happy. We had such a hard time focusing on photos because we get side-tracked with talking and laughing so much. We were just this group of people standing on the mountain road talking, instead of working. But, those are always my favorite sessions. […]

Sara & Brooklyn | Mother-Daughter Photographer These girls, they are so beautiful. I am so excited when Sara told me that yellow was her favorite color. I wait for these while, yellow roses to blossom every year. They only last a few weeks so, I am always trying to get people over there. I have had […]