My name is Kara and I take pictures. We are the studio for those who like it a little different, are a little crazy, and love to laugh. We are stress-free and fun. "We" includes myself and whomever happens to be working with me at the time - James, Anita, or Emry.

    I am in love with salsa. I am terribly against socks that match and I recently bought a red washer and a grey dryer. Why must everything match?! I believe photo booths are the coolest things on the planet and have a small obsession with "Friends"

    While checking out the site & thinking about how much you love us don't forget:
    1. It is only possible for me to take three weddings a month.
    2. Our calendar fills up quickly.
    3. We love travel and are available to go anywhere you want. Just ask! :D
    4. We don't charge hourly - it is silly.

    That is all. That is all I can think of to say. I love mail, I love emails, I love hearing form you so don't hold back! I am excited to meet you. :D