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Danielle | The Party Shoot – Steam Punk When my art director, Anita, first suggested steam punk for a theme I thought she was absolutely insane. Dear Anita, I was wrong. Please forgive me. These ladies killed this theme! Just look at Danielle. AH! I am dying over here. I do a little happy dance […]

Wylie | Red Mesa High School I am working on senior announcements like crazy! We always get a little back-logged around April when all the seniors come in to get their announcements done and start celebrating their last year of high school. Last year! This year has been no different and we have photographed¬†ten seniors […]

Dustie | The Party Shoot – Steam Punk Some of you may know what a Party Shoot is. Some of you may not. A Party Shoot is a giant, out of control, over the top, fashion shoot. Or you could even call it a costume shoot, because we like to blur lines. We hire some […]

The Martinez Family | Grand Junction, CO I have been putting this post off because, I keep thinking that I would have something profound to say. But, the words have yet to come to me. In these photos you will see a mother, Alisa, her three ¬†daughters, and two grandchildren. What you do not see […]

Marten | Legendary Seniors The Class of 2017!! It is almost over. I am sure most of you know but, for those of you who don’t, have forgotten, or really like reading the same things over and over again. Illuminated Moments has create a branch of our business exclusively for seniors, Legendary Seniors. Seniors that […]