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Liz McPherson | Blanding Photographer We took these photos almost a year ago. But, some of the family placed some orders last month and I like it when my clients can see their images before they are hanging on the wall. You never know when there is just one little thing out of place. Plus, […]

Ashley | Monticello High I am like, giddy about these photos today. I have never seen the Monticello side of the mountain so beautiful in my entire life, and I am over there all the time. It was like all of the leaves changed colors at exactly the same time, it was amazing. And the […]

Tom Kids | San Juan County Photographer As a San Juan County Photographer, I can take pictures in the coolest locations and only have to drive about 20 minutes from my office door. This is really the coolest place on earth to me. I just love it here. I love it almost as much as […]

Jaclyn & Michal | Peoria Family Photographer Jaclyn is one of my most favorite people ever. She used to do Party Shoots with us and we had so much fun! But, this was the first time I got to meet her beau, Michael and the awesome kids she helps take care of. We went out […]

Ellis Family | Phoenix Family Photographer The Ellis family has two adorable boys at their house now. If they are anything like my boys, they have an adventurous time ahead of them. I am so happy and excited for them though, even though my four year would tell them that a baby brother is not […]