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Ridge | Hideout Golf Club I have mentioned before that I am a bit of a people watcher. I just notice the people that I like, people who have made an impression on me over the years. I don’t make it a habit of keeping tabs on high schoolers (despite what my last Legendary Seniors […]

The Lyman Family | Extended Family Photos While I met some members of this family for the first time just a few weeks ago, the two people who started this family are some of my very favorite people. My dad says Ed Lyman is one of the best people on the planet. And Judy Lyman […]

William | Harry Potter Baby I found me a Harry Potter baby!! I am so excited about these. I have so many more to share but, it is Preview Tuesday. You only get a preview. Emily loves Harry Potter much like I love Harry Potter. So, we pulled our Harry Potter props and set out […]

Kylie | Back to School Photos So, Kylie is a little bit little to be going back to school. But, I didn’t care at all. She is adorable, her dress is adorable, and her boots are adorable. OF COURSE I am going to take her pictures! This little girl is so funny. She loves love […]

Homedew Boys | Back to School Photos More Back to School photos! I haven’t photographed this family in what seems like ages. I was starting to miss them. lol Little Trey was just a year old last time we all hung out for photos. Trey is actually the same age as my Chevy. I secretly […]