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Sarah & Marek | Telluride Wedding Photographer Sarah and Marek got married a few weeks ago in Telluride, CO. We have been waiting for them to get back from their month long, newly wed adventure before uploading their photos. I am so excited to share these with you guys. Every week, I have at least […]

Aubrey & Boys | Utah Family Photographer This girl, she has some of the cutest boys on the planet. I am so happy to see them doing so well, laughing so much, and just being adorable. We found “roly-polies” on the ground, while we were taking pictures and our sessions almost turned from a photo […]

Dominique & Bobby | Bountiful Wedding Photographer Sometimes your clients are awesome and take you traveling with them. I mean, we didn’t actually travel with them ’cause that might be awkward but, we got to travel because of them. I like to get out of town every once and while so I invited my sisters […]

Sky & Oceana | Mother-Daugher Photos Mothers and their children. It is so funny how much we can love these little people. They don’t let us pee alone, they take all the covers, they cry when they don’t get their way, they spill milk, and throw fits, and can’t do anything on their own. But, […]

Begaye Family | Four Corners Photographer I love, love, love, love this family. I feel like I am a little too invested in their family sometimes. lol I took Dharsh’s maternity photos, I was there when Carver was born, I did his baby photos at their house, his cake smash when he turned one, and […]