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Alba Family | Monticello, UT Before I left for Europe, and before it got crazy hot, I got the chance to photograph this Monticello family. I love it when I get Monticello clients. It means, more people than just my family know who I am. 😉 These guys came from Monticello for photos and I […]

Perkins Family | Blanding, UT Family Photographer This was Kim’s last official session with Illuminated Moments. We are going to miss her so much! She has another baby on the way and with four little humans at home, that need her, she had to say goodbye. We are so sad about it. I love her […]

Emily & Kendall | Maternity Photos I am finally back from Europe! Europe was awesome and a ton of fun. But, let me assure you, America is still better. I can sum up the reasons why is two words: ice water. Yeah. But, I missed a few Preview Thursdays while I was away so, lets […]

Morgan & Trey | Horse Engagement Session “I want my horses and dogs in the pictures. Is that going to be okay?” she asked me. I thought, “Yeah duh.” was a poor answer, so I settled for, “absolutely” or something along those lines. In case you were wondering, horses and engagement photos do go together. […]

Yanito Family | Blanding Photographer So, last week Kim took a small break from Legendary Senior photos and photographed this adorable family. Kim was kind enough to volunteer her own hour for this session and took so many amazing pictures that we all had a really hard time narrowing it down to just these six. […]