Baby Bailey | Blanding Photographer

Baby Bailey | Baby Photographer

This baby! Guys, guys, look how adorable this baby is. I have said it before and I will say it again, white babies are funny looking. They really are. There are so few beautiful white babies. Don’t tell my mom this but, my little brother looked like Smeagol from Lord of the Rings when he was born. He wasn’t cute until he was like one and half. My own babies definitely looked like little old men.

Don’t get me wrong, white babies are adorable. But something about Native American babies, or dark skinned babies, makes them that much more beautiful. They come with hair, and don’t look like my grandpa. We love them but they are not as cute as they Native American babies.

Native American babies and black babies they are adorable. All of them. I wanted to marry a black man just so I could have caramel babies. I didn’t happen but, I have a few friends and a few clients who held firm to that goal of caramel colored babies and now I get I live vicariously through them.

This baby, she is one of those adorable Native American babies. I heard a mom once telling her mother that, all the white women keep freaking out over her baby’s hair. I have no shame. That crazy person is me. There is so much hair on this kid’s head! I am jealous and I have baby envy.

I am also jealous of Bailey’s adorable skirts and headbands. If I could pull off outfits like that, I just might. But, I am getting distracted so, onto the photos. Happy Preview Tuesday.

Bailey-1001-1-1024x681 Baby Bailey | Blanding Photographer Bailey-1003-1-1024x681 Baby Bailey | Blanding Photographer Bailey-1005-1-1024x681 Baby Bailey | Blanding Photographer Bailey-1007-1024x682 Baby Bailey | Blanding Photographer Bailey-1009-1024x681 Baby Bailey | Blanding Photographer Bailey-1011-1024x681 Baby Bailey | Blanding Photographer

pinit_fg_en_rect_red_28 Baby Bailey | Blanding Photographer

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